Orthopedics is a branch of medicine dealing with the correction or prevention of deformities, disorders or injuries of the skeleton and associated structures. Physicians apply both surgical and nonsurgical means to treat spine diseases, musculature trauma, degenerative diseases, sports injuries, tumors, infections, congenital disorders and the other orthopedic problems.

History of orthopedic in IRAN

The pierced skulls and healed broken bones found in “Shahr-e Sūkhté” (the Burnt City in Southeastern part of Iran) are indicatives of long history (over 4000 years ago) of orthopedic treatment in Iran. In 9th century, Zakaria Razi mentioned joint sprains, fractures, and bone anomalies in his book and in 10th century, Avicenna applied tractions and splints for fracture management and plaster casts, mummies and bitumen to support and protect fractures.

Why Iran for orthopedic?

Today, as well as improving diagnostic and therapeutic facilities, various procedures have been presented to treat orthopedic problems. These therapeutic procedures can be different from a pill to a surgery operation. At present, the diagnostic and therapeutic facilities are at a good level and almost all modern orthopedic procedures are performed in Iran. There are many orthopedic specialists in most of big and small cities throughout the country. Patients can use a low-cost treatment. That is why selecting Iran as a country to treat orthopedic problems is a wise choice.

Orthopedic Treatments

[ucaddon_content_box_zoom_effect title=”Total Knee Replacement” image=”7019″ link=”http://parssuren.com/orthopedic/total-knee-replacement/” description=”” uc_fonts_data=”JTdCJTdE”]
[ucaddon_content_box_zoom_effect title=”Knee Ligaments Repair Surgery” image=”7013″ link=”http://parssuren.com/orthopedic/knee-ligaments-repair-surgery/” description=”” uc_fonts_data=”JTdCJTdE”]
[ucaddon_content_box_zoom_effect title=”Repair Meniscus” image=”7007″ link=”http://parssuren.com/orthopedic/repair-%d0%bceniscus/” description=”” uc_fonts_data=”JTdCJTdE”]
[ucaddon_content_box_zoom_effect title=”Total Hip Replacement” image=”7016″ link=”http://parssuren.com/orthopedic/total-hip-replacement/” description=”” uc_fonts_data=”JTdCJTdE”]
[ucaddon_content_box_zoom_effect title=”Shoulder Replacement” image=”7004″ link=”http://parssuren.com/orthopedic/shoulder-replacement/” description=”” uc_fonts_data=”JTdCJTdE”]
[ucaddon_content_box_zoom_effect title=”Laminectomy” image=”6998″ link=”http://parssuren.com/orthopedic/laminectomy/” description=”” uc_fonts_data=”JTdCJTdE”]
[ucaddon_content_box_zoom_effect title=”Vertebral Fusion” image=”7001″ link=”http://parssuren.com/orthopedic/vertebral-fusion/” description=”” uc_fonts_data=”JTdCJTdE”]
[ucaddon_content_box_zoom_effect title=”Carpal Tunnel Syndrome” image=”7010″ link=”http://parssuren.com/?page_id=6987&preview=true” description=”” uc_fonts_data=”JTdCJTdE”]
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