Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant

Hair losing can be one of the most problematic things in a person’s life. It should be mentioned that the relation between hair and beauty is undeniable. Depression and lack of self-confidence are two results of fast hair loss. Some people believe that their beauty, youth and self-confidence depend on their hair volume. Hair loss can be result from some factors including hormone imbalance, radiotherapy, heredity. As the best solution, hair transplant surgery has been presented. Moving hair from one part of the body for filling an area with thin or no hair is called hair transplant. This method has been applied in order to treat different forms and degrees of hair loss.

Why Iran for hair transplant?

In Iran, many qualified and experienced physicians perform this surgery by modern methods for years. Having this surgery in Iran can be a wisely choice for people who seek the low-cost surgery and expert physicians.

Hair Transplant Treatments

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