As a basic aspect of health, oral health has a fundamental role in general health and well-being of people. Eating, speaking, and having higher self-esteem and enjoying quality of life are among advantages of having healthy and pain-free mouth. Other reasons of dental care are better chewing, dental appearance, good speaking, nice smile, enhancement of self-image and self-esteem.

History of dentistry in IRAN

Persian physicians played an important role in development and uniformity of medical sciences during the medieval period and Islamic golden age. On that time, Avicenna and Razes were the eminent medical sciences of Persian origin. Certainly, the most important Persian medical book has been Hidayat al-Mutallimin fi-al-Tibb (Learner’s Guide to Medicine). Akhawayni investigated oral and dental diseases in two chapters, a chapter on dental pain and the other on bouccal pain. Anatomical principles were bases of his studies on dental diseases and treatments. There aren’t false ideas such as dental worm, magic, charms and amulets among his writings. Some treatments like as cutting of the dental nerve for relieving the pain, using the anesthetizing fume, using the natural antiseptic and the tooth extraction as the last choice have been mentioned.

Why Iran for dentistry?

Today, dentistry has had remarkable progress in health and aesthetic aspects. Iran has an excellent status in dentistry science and specialists. Comparing those of regional countries, appropriate dentistry costs and high proficiency of Iranian dentists are considered as the advantages in health tourism in Iran.

Dentistry Treatments